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Technum is the division of Tractebel Engineering in Belgium, specialized in “Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure”.

We are an engineering and consultancy company with more than 100 years of expertise working on energy and infrastructure projects.

Our experts and project managers are actively involved in the complete lifecycle of these projects, from feasibility studies to decommissioning.

We employ 4400 staff in more than 140 countries across the globe.


Hein Dirix
General Manager, Technum 

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Saturday, 20 June, the Technum project team members involved in the A11 project paid a visit to the site. We were shown around by our site supervisor David De Ridder. Work at the site has now been under way for a good year, with some of the important constructions in the project starting to take shape. Technum produced the reference design and the specifications for this DBFM project, which comprises a stretch of motorway of around 12 km, with a diamond interchange, a movable bridge, a 15-metre high viaduct and various tunnels and bridges. Staff from various departments, including Rail, Road & Spatial design, and the Structures Competence Center are regularly consulted as technical advisers.

The project will be fully completed in three years.

A11 2015 025 small

A11 2015 068 small

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Railway study Brussels


When it comes to railway accessibility in Belgium, this is closely linked to the issue of the main North-South connection and to the local connections which use it (north-south and west-east). The North-South connection’s capacity is currently restricted to around 90 trains per hour, offering an operating level of fairly mediocre quality.

This study must enable significant progress to be made in the debate on the future of the railway network in terms of travelling to, from and in Brussels. The considerations on this issue have actually only been partially outlined at the moment, and have not been developed sufficiently to allow a decision to be made on this strategic matter.

This debate cannot be restricted to considering infrastructural solutions, but should also, in the view of the team of the consultants, touch on every aspect of mobility. The main points for consideration are:

  • Service model used
  • Railway group’s rolling stock, signalling and operating procedures
  • Mobility behaviour trends
  • Town-planning trends in the greater Brussels area.

Consideration must be given to the problems experienced so far in creating a clear strategic vision for developing the railway service in the greater Brussels area for political, technical and economic reasons.

This situation needs to evolve. The increased use of public transport, development of a multipolar conurbation and leveraging of existing infrastructures are among the factors which require a greater use of the railway network.

With this in mind, the following 3 phases are planned in this study:

-               Phase 1: Current situation and arrangement of development scenarios

-               Phase 2: Multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA)

-               Phase 3: Detailed description of scenarios selected

Technum collaborates with On Wheels on improving accessibility fo

Anyone who has to spend their life in a wheelchair misses out on some aspects of their social life. In cities, obstacles appear everywhere in the form of doorsteps, doors being too small, or not enough space for a wheelchair to turn round. This is a situation that the company On Wheels, which operates in the non-profit sector, wants to do something about. It has developed an app of the same name – On Wheels – to enable wheelchair users to find accessible locations (stores, restaurants, toilets etc.). There are volunteers in Flanders who are going to measure doors and doorsteps in 12,000 locations. The app will look for accessible buildings in the vicinity, based on the wheelchair’s dimensions and the ability of the wheelchair user to negotiate doorsteps. SSI supports and sponsors this initiative in various ways, including through providing expertise and staff. On Wheels and Technum want to launch the app globally.

At the same time, the Rail, Road & Spatial Design department is involved in developing a methodology for screening infrastructure accessibility in cities more widely. Sponsoring and collaborating with On Wheels are part of this.

Anyone wishing to find out more about accessibility or participate as a volunteer in this project, and who wants, for instance, 

DG Move

Technum was awarded the DG Move contract “Study on permitting and facilitating the preparation of TEN-T core network projects, in particular waterborne projects and cross-border projects”.

The purpose of the study is to identify good practices and ways to streamline and simplify the procedures to carry out an infrastructure transport project. The study will analyse the existing legal frameworks and practices for permitting procedures, and take stock of already existing measures applied at national or regional level to make those procedures more efficient and create more legal comfort to project developers and investors. It will also prepare a guide to good practices that can be used by Member States to develop effective facilitation tools. The study will eventually recommend policy options (that can be used in a subsequent impact assessment) for a positive EU framework for project development and investments.

Our partners in this project are: Milieu Ltd, EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development

We are looking forward to implement this challenging project!

Concept Stadium Square

We tell the story of the stadium and of the city

Over time, stadium architecture has evolved as regards its relation to the city.

The first stadiums were conceived as independent facilities, often erected on the outskirts of cities.

Gradually, the city gets closer to the stadium. Urban programs start to spread into the stadium. The city’s buildings can actually get so close that they merge with the stadium infrastructure itself, generating new synergies.

The temporary nature of the stadium’s function allows the urban programs to invest the entirety of the structure.

What used to be a mere stadium now becomes the center of a new urbain life: the « Stadium Square».


We improve urban comfort


The considerable investment made for the World Cup yields a long term improvement in terms of passive comfort of the urban spaces. Dynamic thermal simulations show that the overall layout of the site, inspired from traditional housing construction in arid countries, can generate a significant improvement in the outdoor comfort, increasing air temperature during winter days and reducing it during hot summer days by up to 12°C, in both the canyon and the arena.

The architecture of the « Stadium Square » draws its inspiration from the local and regional desert landscapes. Taking both from the Zekreet in Qatar and from other geological canyon shapes, the architecture follows the principles of accumulation and erosion in order to create forms which are perfectly suited to the multiple uses of the area.





From 19 to 21 May, 2014 Technum attended the Realty property exhibition, which welcomed more than 3,500 participants.

This exhibition was held in Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

For more information, visit www.realty-brussels.com



Building Golf Trophy

The second edition of the BUILDING GOLF TROPHY took place on September 15th 2014 at the beautiful domain Golf des 7 Fontaines in Braine l’Alleud with a “shot gun” program for golfers and an initiation program for beginners. 

This event brought together the different players of the construction and building industry: architects, consulting firms, promoters, developers, builders,… .

Technum emphasized its presence once again with a great bottle of Spa water decorated with Technum‘s colours to reinvigorate the thirsty ones. Those who played golf during this Building Event discovered the Marketing stand of Technum situated on the golf course between the trees on a very sunny day!


Building Golf Trophy 2015 132



TECHNUM-Teams won golden medal at Immorun

The 6th edition of IMMORUN™ took place on September 18, 2014 across the wonderful Park of Woluwé.

For two years in a row our Technum employees have proven that work and sports on a high level are perfectly combinable and succeeded once again to win the golden medals!!

IMMORUN™ is a Business Run of 9 km which combines Sports & Well-being, Team-Building, and Business Networking within the Real Estate Sector in Belgium. It brings together architects, promoters, financial institutions, agencies, builders, experts, consultants, lawyers, public institutions, and their partners… A natural and healthy way to relieve stress and face the challenges in life and at work.

Out of 260 teams, our male as well as our female team conquered the 1st place in the conquest. With 34 minutes and 42 minutes respectively, over a distance of 9 km they achieved the Top timings in their ranking. Our third team also won the Citidev.Brussels Trophee for being the 1st team of Brussels near the stage.

We congratulate our Technum-Teams for this exquisite achievement.


IMG 2470IMG 2474


VTDV May 2014

Technum, along with its partners Cofely and Electrabel, attended on 9 May 2014 the tradeshow at the VTDV conference (Association for Technical Heads of Department in Healthcare Institutions). This year’s theme was: The architect & engineer "IN TEAM" with the developer.



Launch of Noord-Zuid Kempen project

Sunday, 23 February 2014 marks the official opening of the Noord-Zuid Kempen road.