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Technum is the division of Tractebel Engineering in Belgium, specialized in “Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure”.

We are an engineering and consultancy company with more than 100 years of expertise working on energy and infrastructure projects.

Our experts and project managers are actively involved in the complete lifecycle of these projects, from feasibility studies to decommissioning.

We employ 3,300 staff in more than 80 countries across the globe.


Hein Dirix
General Manager, Technum 

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Striking innovations at Brussels Airport.

Inauguration of the Connector

Tuesday the 24th of March, after two years of construction works, the Connector building was officially opened in the presence of King Philip, prime minister Charles Michel, minister of transport Jacqueline Galant and some 500 other guests.

The connector is the building which links the passenger terminal to Pier A above-ground.

For the design of the Connector sustainability and comfort of the passenger were very important. Each year more than 20 million passengers step through the Connector. TECHNUM who was in charge of the studies HVAC, electricity, lighting, fire safety, elevators and escalators, plumbing, access control, data communication and cold and heat storage, ... played a crucial role in the realization of the ambitions in this area. Brussels Airport seeks at a CO2 reduction of 20% for 2020. The insulation of the building is K-20, half of the current legal standard. Thanks to the geothermal installation, in the

summer Brussels Airport used the cold that is stored in the soil and the aquifer during the winter season to cool the building, while at the same time heat is stored in the soil to heat the building during the winter months. This will provide 70% of energy needs during the winter months, while in the summer, it’s providing 30% of the energy needs for cooling. With the application of waterless urinals and recuperation of the rainwater that falls on the 11,000 square meter roof for flushing the toilets is also water consumption reduced for the extremely necessary. In the field of lighting there was resolutely opted for LED lighting in the public areas allowing both energy consumption and maintenance costs to drastically reduce.


The Connector designed by CTHM (Chapman Taylor – bureau Happold – MOSS) allows passengers to walk straight from the check-in desk to their gate in pier A. In the opposite direction, the building provides the arriving passenger with a smooth and agreeable passage to the baggage reclaim hall and the exit. The dark tunnel towards pier A is now replaced by an open and airy building that apart from a spectacular tarmac view also offers a contemporary mix of shops and restaurants.

From now on the Connector is open for passengers.

The building includes a central platform for access and security screening as well as border control for travellers departing Pier A. Passengers departing from Pier B will use the platfrom as of 2016. This considerably increases the efficiency of the screening process, as the peak hours for security in both piers are complementary. Moreover, the building offers plenty of space for a commercial area.

The challenge was huge: the construction site was located in the centre of a busy international airport, which had to remain fully operational throughout the building works without compromising passenger comfort.




FEBE Precast in Infrastructure Award for radar tower in Ostend

The new radar tower on the recent Oostdam in Ostend, Belgium, has won the FEBE Precast in Infrastructure Award.

On behalf of our client, the Maritime Access department of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Government, we developed the detailed design for the 44-m high tower built after a design by the architect E+W Eggermont at level. This success was founded on close cooperation between our (SSI) department Ports & Waterways, the Hasselt-based Structures competence centre and the government.

The tower is prism-shaped up to a height of 30 m, after which it is twisted. It was constructed by stacking up 22 prefabricated concrete segments which were progressively post-tensioned. The twisted top section was reinforced in the conventional manner. In order to make the design suitable for prefabrication, the spatial shape was converted into a series of triangles. The actual production of the prefabricated elements, as well as the laying of the post-tensioning ducts and their positioning were subject to extremely stringent tolerance requirements. The contractor THV Besix-Westconstruct constructed the tower.






The IGLO project has now also won the Wivina Demeester Prize.

IGLO wins the Wivina Demeester Prize. IGLO – Intergenerationeel Project Linker Oever – is a city regeneration project in Antwerp. Technum was awarded, in collaboration with the firms De Smet Vermeulen Architecten, De Vylder Vinck Taillieu Architecten and Tom Thys Architecten, a contract based on an open request for tender issued by Vlaams Bouwmeester (Flanders Government Architect).

The Spatial Planning Department (SPD) team started off by devising a master plan, based on intensive interaction with the architects. The project focused on establishing a stronger link between an extremely isolated area and the wider urban environment. This was achieved through well-designed restructuring of the public space and introducing new urban programmes.

A subsequent stage involved the further development of the architecture, which the Building Department got involved in. The public space was designed by the Spatial Planning Department (SPD), along with the infrastructure engineers from the Road Department. This is an example of an integrated urban project where Technum has been able to offer its expertise from very diverse areas. This prize emphasises the quality of every aspect of this project.

IGLO prijs2

Rail Power Europe 2015 Congress London, 10 March 2015

Marc Van de putte and Tom Puttemans (Urban Rail Ghent) attended this congress. They presented a joint paper from Tractebel Engineering and De Lijn on energy recovery for tram line traction networks. The case study presented concerned the complete overhaul of the traction network in Ghent where a predicted 10% reduction in energy consumption was subsequently confirmed, based on various measurement campaigns. 

Financing of local climate plans: on target


Technum collaborated with SuMa Consulting during the past year to develop the financial section of the local climate plans for Ghent and Antwerp. Interaction with these two cities was essential in order to arrive at a well-founded financial model that enjoys general acceptance. Interesting discussions with other partners (smaller municipalities, intermunicipal companies, banks tec.) have led to the current result.

During the next few months the know-how and experience gained from this work can be validated, refined and supplement in various new tasks.

We have distilled our experience into an “Initial scenario” for municipalities (ordered by: LNE – Policy Preparation & Evaluation dept.). This scenario explains the various aspects that are important for financing local climate plans.

In addition Technum + SuMa Consulting + VITO were chosen to support the learning network set up by LNE on the subject of Financing of Local Climate Plans and to contribute their expertise.

The learning network fits in with i-Cleantech’s Transition Arena for Climate and Local Resilience and VVSG’s Flemish Network of Mayoral Covenants.

A kick-off event is planned for Thursday 23 October. At this event the initial scenario will be presented and attendees will decide which subjects should form the basis for the further activities of the learning network that will continue for at least one year.

Technum and SuMa Consulting will be glad to share the know-how gained from the various projects with you. Important considerations relating to the financing aspect will be explained in various briefings. 

In the meantime Technum / SuMa Consulting are working on other projects. The project team possesses unique know-how for this (FLC calculation model, database of best practices / flanking measures, business case methodology etc.).

More information: http://technum.be/en/references-economics-a-policy/references-policy-advice-and-strategic-studies/475-flk-overzicht




From 19 to 21 May, 2014 Technum attended the Realty property exhibition, which welcomed more than 3,500 participants.

This exhibition was held in Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

For more information, visit www.realty-brussels.com



Building Golf Trophy

The second edition of the BUILDING GOLF TROPHY took place on September 15th 2014 at the beautiful domain Golf des 7 Fontaines in Braine l’Alleud with a “shot gun” program for golfers and an initiation program for beginners. 

This event brought together the different players of the construction and building industry: architects, consulting firms, promoters, developers, builders,… .

Technum emphasized its presence once again with a great bottle of Spa water decorated with Technum‘s colours to reinvigorate the thirsty ones. Those who played golf during this Building Event discovered the Marketing stand of Technum situated on the golf course between the trees on a very sunny day!


Building Golf Trophy 2015 132



TECHNUM-Teams won golden medal at Immorun

The 6th edition of IMMORUN™ took place on September 18, 2014 across the wonderful Park of Woluwé.

For two years in a row our Technum employees have proven that work and sports on a high level are perfectly combinable and succeeded once again to win the golden medals!!

IMMORUN™ is a Business Run of 9 km which combines Sports & Well-being, Team-Building, and Business Networking within the Real Estate Sector in Belgium. It brings together architects, promoters, financial institutions, agencies, builders, experts, consultants, lawyers, public institutions, and their partners… A natural and healthy way to relieve stress and face the challenges in life and at work.

Out of 260 teams, our male as well as our female team conquered the 1st place in the conquest. With 34 minutes and 42 minutes respectively, over a distance of 9 km they achieved the Top timings in their ranking. Our third team also won the Citidev.Brussels Trophee for being the 1st team of Brussels near the stage.

We congratulate our Technum-Teams for this exquisite achievement.


IMG 2470IMG 2474


VTDV May 2014

Technum, along with its partners Cofely and Electrabel, attended on 9 May 2014 the tradeshow at the VTDV conference (Association for Technical Heads of Department in Healthcare Institutions). This year’s theme was: The architect & engineer "IN TEAM" with the developer.



Launch of Noord-Zuid Kempen project

Sunday, 23 February 2014 marks the official opening of the Noord-Zuid Kempen road.